This is my very first post! I’ve never been into book blogging community before, although I am an occasional reader of course, therefore I’m still very foreign with all of this. So to start with let me introduce myself;

My name is Catherine Siborutorop and I’m from Indonesia! Maybe most of you haven’t heard about Indonesia but it is a pretty big country (240 millions citizen and more) in south-east Asia which located above Australia and under Singapore and Malaysia.  Oh and yes, it is the country of our well-known island, Bali!

I’m a student and just a few days ago I turned 17! *throwing party confetti*


I’ve been following book blogs for a pretty long time, and there were times when I really wanted to start my own but haven’t got the time and many more unexplainable reasons. But since I’ve gone through my final semester exams, I’ve found a lot of extra time (high school could be SO tiring and time consuming) and I just decided that I need to do something positive and productive, rather than sitting around scrolling through the internet or sleeping, not that sleeping wasn’t important, and yes I do read, a lot.

So, long story short, here I am! I will mostly post book reviews (young adults, preferably), or anything related to the world of books, or maybe even something random that pops into my mind.

Oh and – Welcome to my blog! Thank you for wandering around and reading this post! Comment if you wanted to give advice on my new blog, or just saying hi, or even anything! (But no spam please) Soo glad to see you fellow reader 😀



Catherine Siborutorop.



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